"Where We Stand" Jan. 12, 2021

1/12/2021 by Katie Powers

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Insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building

On Wednesday, January 6th, a violent mob incited by President Donald Trump stormed the United States Capitol building, in an attempt to halt the electoral vote count taking place during a joint session. Five people, including a US Capitol police officer, died as a result of the riot.

On Monday, members of the House Judiciary Committee introduced a single article of impeachment against the President, charging him with inciting insurrection. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi previously announced that the House would move to impeach Trump if he refused to resign or if the Vice President and the Cabinet don’t enact the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. According to a report from CNN, twenty rioters have been charged as criminal defendants thus far, including several people whose actions inside the building went viral.

Additionally, federal officials have warned of the threat of more violence in all 50 states in the days ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration.

While this situation continues to evolve and the consequences for both the administration and the enactors remains uncertain, the glaring disparities between the treatment of the mostly white mob by law enforcement compared to that of the Black Lives Matter protestors who peacefully took to the streets over the summer, is abundantly clear.

Commissary Club

Scott Hechinger

Jazz Lewis

Bree Newsome

And in the fallout of Wednesday’s events, friends of Commissary Club took to social media to discuss the situation.

Glenn E. Martin

Guy Hamilton-Smith

Joshua B. Hoe

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