"Where We Stand," Dec. 24, 2020

12/24/2020 by Katie Powers

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COVID-19 Vaccinations Begin

Earlier this week, the Federal Bureau of Prisons released a statement that “high-risk” incarcerated people would begin receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Although the statement did not include a comprehensive vaccination plan, it suggested a departure from the BOP’s previous decision to solely vaccinate staff.

According to a report from the New York Times, incarcerated people in Massachusetts will be among the first people living in the state to be vaccinated. Additionally, inoculations for high-risk incarcerated people is underway at facilities in California.

These important signs of progress come as COVID-19 continues to surge in prisons across the country. On December 18rd, CBS News reported that 1 in 5 incarcerated people have had COVID-19 over the course of the pandemic and over 1,700 have died.

Friends of Commissary Club took to the internet to share their thoughts on the progress of vaccinations in prisons.

Brendon Woods

James King

Joshua B. Hoe

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