“Where We Stand,” Dec. 15th, 2020

12/15/2020 by Katie Powers

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This week, Joey Horan of Outlier Media reported a striking statistic- 40% of people incarcerated in Michigan prisons have tested positive for COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.

On December 2nd, Policy analyst, Decarceration Nation Podcast host, social media consultant, and Commissary Club community member Joshua B. Hoe led a “Twitter Storm” to bring attention to incarcerated people’s plight in Michigan using the hashtag #LetMIPeopleGo.

In Michigan, a state that doesn’t use the death penalty, 89 incarcerated people have died from COVID-19, and cases are rapidly spreading in prisons. Although a study from the New England Journal of Medicine cites that reducing the risk of incarcerated people to COVID-19 is an important public health measure. Whitmer has not reduced or commuted any sentences due to the pandemic, according to a tweet from Hoe.’

A thread from Joshua B. Hoe lays out the purpose and the demands of the campaign. Users across the platform joined him in tweeting to demand the release of incarcerated people across the state and share information about the public health and safety benefits of doing so.

Joshua B. Hoe

Stephen Henderson

Scott Hechinger

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