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11/21/2017 by Adrienne Hatter

New site gives job seekers free first look at their background check

The scariest thing about applying for a new job is the fear of being subject to a background check. Most job-seekers don’t know what will show up on theirs, but 72% of employers use them as part of the hiring process. And for folks with a criminal record, being prepared to address exactly what an employer sees can be the difference between getting a job, or losing one.

We’d like to introduce the 70MillionJobs community to our friends at Better Future. It’s the only place you can get your background check absolutely free. Like us, Better Future believes that all individuals should see the results of their background check before applying for a job. It’s a quick and easy process; simply create an account and request your individual report.

It’s easy to feel hopeless when it comes to your past. Privacy laws regarding what appears on your background check change frequently, and differ from state to state. Not only are our friends at Better Future a trusted source for information, but their service is absolutely free, with no strings attached. Visit and take control of your past and your future.

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