Job Search Strategy: Getting Ready For Your Next Job

3/01/2018 by Torin Ellis

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

We all know folks that are comfortable, that rest in their circumstances, despair or surroundings, and do little or nothing to bring about change. Not you. Not at all am I referring to you. After all, you are reading this.

In the coming months I will be encouraging and preparing you to move forward in your life — sharing insights that I know will help you push the boundaries of progress, and find a job. Which brings me back to those comfortable folks.

What’s funny is how they look at people who aspire to do more as being arrogant, conceited or lucky. They might say “you’ve changed,” as if remaining the same is the ticket towards a better life. Or worse, they say “you’re lucky” if you can escape the circumstances and create something to be proud of. Don’t listen to them.

You’ve served out your debt — that’s been paid. You’ve (perhaps) roomed at a half-way house. Maybe even slept outside a few times, but you haven’t quit. You may not have been lucky, it probably wasn’t comfortable, and it certainly wasn’t easy. But it’s in you to push past the boundaries and challenges you face. Everything up to this point has been about development which is often married to adversity. We grow in adversity, so let me share a foundational plan:

Step 1 — Be comfortable with being uncomfortable
Step 2 — Less complaining — more committing
Step 3 — Get ready to dig deeper than before

Need some more inspiration to start? Read The Dip by Seth Godin. In 80 pages you’ll learn:

  • What it means to be the best in the world (pages 10–12)
  • What “The Dip” means (pages 16–19)
  • The difference between quitting and failing (page 63)
  • Questions to ask before quitting (pages 66–71)

Next month, we’re tackling the first step in getting a job: the job search. We’ll discuss going after the job or business you want, making sure you’re qualified, and being prepared, To help you get started, I’ll teach you a 60/20/20 job search plan. Get ready to give the process your full attention.

Here’s the deal, we’ll have plenty of time with one another as I will be writing monthly. But I also want to hear from readers like you. Share challenges, success stories, and/or just ask questions. Myself and the 70MillionJobs team are committed to you.

Over time, we’ll experience win after win and you’ll look back and remember how this all started. I’m back next month with that 60/20/20 plan.

About Torin: Diversity Maverick and Strategist // SiriusXM Contributor // Published Author of Rip The Resume — Creative, high voltage, ready to pursue results. Follow him on twitter @torinellis

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