Prison is my baseline: No matter how bad things get, prison was worse.

4/09/2020 by Richard Bronson

When I experience any difficult or painful experience, I can’t help but compare it to my time spent in prison and jail.

No matter how bad the restaurant, it’s better than the food in prison.

No matter how dirty the bathroom, its cleaner than those in prison.

No matter how scary the situation, it was scarier in prison.

My baseline is set very low. So, as I share the isolation and danger of the pandemic crisis, I can’t help but recall that prison was much, much worse.

It saddens me to think how low my (along with all my brothers and sisters that have done time) baseline has sunk, and saddens me more that there are those currently incarcerated that are living through both nightmare realities. Simultaneously.

Richard Bronson, Founder/CEO of 70 Million Jobs

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