Machine Operator - $16-$19/hr

TemperPack | Las Vegas, NV

Posted Date 6/30/2022

Role Profile                  Machine Operator

Reports to (Title)        Process Engineer

Business Unit               Manufacturing

Company Background

TemperPack is a rapidly growing company based in Richmond, Virginia and Las Vegas, Nevada. We design and manufacture innovative, sustainable packaging components for cold-chain shipping of food and pharmaceutical products. The markets we serve have an urgent need for disruptive, sustainable alternatives to replace the wide array of non-sustainable packaging materials conventionally used in the cold-chain, such as Styrofoam coolers. Our aspiration is to provide packaging solutions that customers and end-consumers feel great about using.

Job Description

We are seeking a Machine Operator I who will assist an Engineer on the extruder and panel lines to product while adhering to proper safety rules and regulations. This position reports to the Production Supervisor or Junior Process Engineer, and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Compensation and benefits are competitive and commensurate with experience level.

Essential Job Functions: 

  • Oversee machine production and ClimaCell line workers while demonstrating proper techniques and adherence to safety rules, to include safely starting, running and stopping one or the other of the extruder or panel line while producing material that meets specifications.
  • Assist Process Engineer or Supervisor in day-to-day planning of both extruder and converter machine operations and fulfilling schedules including, but not limited to, monitoring hourly production levels, correcting quality and note deviations as well as recording raw material levels and consumption, and ensuring area cleanliness.
  • Execute and verify settings and tooling during changeovers from one recipe to another.
  • Tear down, clean and reassemble extruder and/or panel line following normal or emergency stop and assist the Process Engineer or Mechanic in reassembling and reinserting extruder and panel line parts.
  • Threading material through the cutting, slitting and guillotine section of the panel machine.
  • Give functional direction to a small group of line workers while operating the creasing, slitting and guillotine section of the panel line and related processes.
  • Give functional direction to a small group of line workers while loading, unloading and staging raw materials and finished product.
  • Maintain area housekeeping and equipment condition as needed to ensure equipment runs safely such as cleaning start up waste on the extruder, clearing jams on the panel line and cleaning blades and rolls.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 

  • Knowledge of safe operation of ClimaCell equipment rotating and high-speed machinery.
  • Basic knowledge of safety rules including lockout/tagout.
  • Knowledge of product specifications.
  • Knowledge of ClimaCell process flow from raw materials to finished goods.
  • Knowledge of machine functionality and standard operating conditions.
  • Ability to work rotating shifts and scheduled overtime.
  • Ability to use hand tools such as torque wrenches, powered hand tools, feeler gauges, etc.
  • Ability to read and interpret gauges and measuring devices.
  • For safety purposes, the ability to verbally communicate and understand English.


  • 2+ years of manufacturing experience, or 1 year of ClimaCell AMO experience required.
  • Prior lead/supervisor experience required.
  • Material handling or quality assurance experience preferred.

Education and Certifications: 

  • High School degree or GED.

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