Herdsperson: $12/hr + Benefits!

Smithfield | Yuma, CO

Posted Date 7/06/2022

Wage: $12.00/hr

Assists other Herd Technicians in routine animal care and general farm tasks to ensure the welfare/well-being of the animals. Tasks include farm sanitation, animal removal, and animal movement. Employee may operate mowers, tractors, trucks, bus, and other farm equipment as directed. May be in training for advanced Herd Technician designation. The Herdsperson position will also provide for the care of all animals at the designated work site, particularly their health, growth, and breeding.

Essential Job Responsibilities: 

• Follow the safety requirements of the Smithfield Injury Prevention System (SIPS).
• Learn, understand, and implement all policies and procedures that relate to Bio-security.
• Abide by all company policies, procedures and guidelines as directed by farm leadership.
• Flexibility with a willingness to change plans according to the direction of farm leadership.
• Work as a team player by accomplishing daily department work requirements and farm goals. 
• Assist in moving animals and maintaining efficient animal flows.
• Sanitize and wash multiple areas on the farm using high pressure equipment.
• Feed, water, vaccinate, and perform general animal husbandry tasks including basic veterinary procedures.
• Process piglets, which includes: Injecting medications, castrating, docking tails, and ear notching.
• Maintain accurate production information and update all department records as required.
• Treat sick animals with a variety of pharmaceuticals by injection, oral application, and/or other methods as required.
• Follow the Standard Operation Procedures, Production Manuals, or Appropriate Training Guides as required.
• Assist with facility and equipment maintenance. 
• Assist with maintaining barn, office cleanliness, and laundry duties.
• Follow the Company’s animal welfare policies and procedures including: providing a physical environment that meets the animal’s needs, providing access to adequate water and high quality feed, providing humane treatment of the animals, providing identification and appropriate treatment of animals in need of health care and following the guidelines for euthanasia. 
• Responsible for being in compliance with all environmental laws and procedures. 
• Report all environmental issues immediately to their supervisor.
• Read and understand the company’s emergency notification process and how it applies to their specific worksite. 

Job Requirements Include:

• High School diploma or GED preferred. 
• Previous livestock handing helpful.
• Ability to do hard physical labor.
• Strong Commitment to team work.
• Willingness to shower daily in and out of facility.
• Ability to follow instructions and deal with standardized situations.
• Must be able to work an average 45-hour work week, which can vary frequently.
• Weekend, evening, and holiday work required as needed.
• Must be on call for emergency situations to include but not limit to, power outages or personnel shortages.
• Must be able to frequently climb over, under, and around penning.
• Must be able to walk and stand on concrete for 9 to 12 hours per day, walking down narrow alleys and in and out of narrow penning.
• Must be able to walk an average of 2 – 4 miles per day, occasionally up to 5 or 6.
• Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs on a limited basis.
• Must be able to occasionally work in situations two feet above the floor in a leaned-over or squatted position.
• Must be supportive of the mission of raising swine for human consumption of high quality pork products.
• Must be tolerable and willing to learn and perform the following tasks: euthanasia, castration, vaccinations, piglet processing, ear tagging for identification, taking blood samples and other procedures normal to animal husbandry.
• Must be able to operate a high pressure washing system.
• Must be able to work with and around a wide range of antibiotics (i.e. penicillin).
• Must be able to tolerate blood, animal dander, manure, dust, odors, and frequently noisy conditions.
• Must be able to work in a stressful environment.
• Must be able to work effectively with others in a team environment.

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