Maintenance Tech II

PAC Worldwide | Phoenix, AZ

***Criminal Background Friendly Employer***

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Posted Date 5/20/2020


Level II tech should understand and be able to perform mechanical repairs on industrial machinery, be able to perform electrical duties with no guidance, and able to apply all aspects of building maintenance repairs.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Understand and able to perform all maintenance apprentice duties marked as (0), level 1 tech marked as (1) and level II tech marked as (2)

0 Able to cut steel to specific measurements

0 Able to keep workshop clean and organized

0 Able to work in a safe manner

0 Anchor a machine

0 have driver’s license and able to use company truck

0 Be able to use basic hand tools, such as file, hammer, scriber, pipe wrench, center punch, de-burring tool etc.

0 Change gearbox oil

0 Construct pallet racking

0 Do an oil change

0 Drive a fork truck

0 Grease a machine correctly

0 Know how to use and read tape measure

0 Lifting of 100 lbs.

0 Replace factory lights

0 Use a grinder

0 Use labeling machine for parts inventory

0 Use the drill press

0 operate scissor truck

0 Assisting in wire pulls

1 Able to perform general building maintenance (painting, drywall repair, office issues)

1 Basic woodwork skills for building a crate or skid

1 complete maintenance / safety request

1 Be able to repair airshafts

1 Be able to splice belts

1 Do PM on machines

1 Install belts and check for proper alignment

1 Maintain emergency lighting

1 Oil filter changes

1 Rebuild a gearbox

1 Rebuild pneumatic cylinders

1 Repair a bagger

1 Repair a case sealer

1 Replace a glue module

1 Replace a solenoid valve

1 Replace brushes on an electrical motor

1 Replace filters, for oil, air, hot melt and compressed air

1 Replace gears

1 Replace nichrome wire on a seal head

1 Replace timing a V belts, correct tension

1 Sweat copper pipe perform general plumbing repairs

1 Use proper lock out/tag out procedure

1 Work on pipe work using sealant and thread tape (pipefitting)

1 Align couplings on pumps/motors

1 Assemble new parts from scheme, determine if they do not fit what is incorrect when looking at the drawings

1 Be able to do machine rigging

1 Being able to set a guillotine correctly

1 Being able to set a photocell

1 Change oil pumps

1 Change out rotary unions

1 Determine if a heater element is bad

1 Familiar with machine controls

1 Familiar with the operation of the air compressor, dryer and oil water separator

1 Gas weld

1 Install crane systems

1 rebuild and set tear tab punch

1 Be able to set and gap correctly the bubble crusher

1 How to change belts on the roof fans and AC units

1 How repair factory lights for bad ballast or motion sensor

1 How to set pouch seal bar gaps correctly

1 How to set pouch seal bar strippers

1 How to adjust the gusset attachment

1 How to change filters for the oil water separator

1 How to change filters for AC system

1 How to set a bubble piercer correctly

1 How to put a slot nozzle on a hot melt gun

1 How to test if a photocell is good or bad

1 Be able to start and stop the air compressors

1 Be able to perform a factory start up

1 Be able to perform a factory shut down

1 Know what to do during a power outage on the machines

1 Able to replace filters in hot melt tanks and guns

1 How to read mechanical drawings to allow assembly of attachments

1 Able to use the sand blaster

1 Able to replace blades on the thermoformer perforators

1 Able to change PACzip and crush cut harden rollers

1 Be able to rebuild safety chucks on the thermoformers

1 Able to operator the snow plow and salt unit on company truck

1 Able to replace outside light bulbs

1 How to replace thermoformer cast roller bearings and gears

1 Racking installation and repair

2 Be able to use a PI tape

2 Be able to use a set of verner calipers correctly for accurate measurement of parts

2 Be able to use a shore gage

2 Calibrate an unwind brake

2 Calibrate load cells

2 Communication with leads and supervisor on any and all situations

2 Determine if a relay is bad

2 Determine if a thermocouple is bad

2 Electrical soldering

2 Fault find a glue flow/timing problem

2 Fault find electrically

2 Fault find mechanically

2 Know how taper locks and other clamping devices work

2 Leveling and alignment of a machine

2 Machine wiring of relays & switches, motors

2 Mark out drill & tap holes from a drawing

2 Mega test a motor

2 Mig weld

2 Perform set-up and calibration procedures on electric boards

2 Program a counter

2 Program a drive

2 Program temperature controllers

2 Read electrical drawings

2 Read pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams

2 Rebuild a bubble burster, cooling bar or seal bar

2 Rebuild a hot melt tank pump

2 Rebuild a valve

2 Rebuild pneumatic / hydro actuators

2 Repair a dancer

2 Repair a hydraulic power pack and safe practices when working with hydraulics

2 Repair air shafts/replace air bladders in shafts

2 Repair crane hoist

2 Replace a drive

2 Replace a heater element

2 Replace a touch screen

2 Replace a web guide

2 Replace draw rollers

2 Replace motion control cards

2 Replace pump seals/rebuild pumps

2 Replace solid state and conventional relays

2 Replacing heater elements

2 Set a side weld sealing head

2 Set pick off timing on sideweld machine

2 Shim & gap a pouch seal bar, cooling bar

2 Understand electrical wire numbering and naming

2 Understand the correct operation of a bag machine dancer

2 Understand the operation and controls on a labeler

2 Understanding a electrical transformer wiring

2 Use a multimeter to measure, volts, amps, resistance, test a fuse, test a diode etc

2 Use machine assembly practices such as pressing bearings on, or bushes etc

2 Wire a photocell

2 Wire a plug

2 trouble shoot and repair Markem printer

2 repair menzel roller

2 Replace dies in continuous moving web U punch

2 Replace and align punch on 1/8 diameter punch

2 Understand the operation of the camera glue skip on CM13

2 How set the rotary knife on the CMS

2 How to test zones are wired and working correctly on a multiple zone sealbar

2 How to set the accumulator dancer sensors correctly on the CMS

2 How to set the sensors correctly for the dancer on the PDI's

2 How to replace internal limit sensor in an Accuweb actuator

2 Hoe to replace a motor on an Accuweb actuator

2 How to test if an encoder is good or bad

2 Be able to shim a pouch sealbar so there are no gaps between mating sealing profiles

2 Be able to troubleshoot an E-stop loop to determine what is not working

2 Be able to rebuild the hydraulic unit on the thermoformers

2 Be able to run an inkjet printer in tacho mode

2 Be able to fix injet printer issues

2 Able to replace Amplas draw rollers

2 Able to replace PDI draw rollers

2 Able to replace PDI capstan rollers

2 Able to replace PDI vertical servo rollers

2 Able to turn the touch control off on a thermoformer touch screen if needed

2 Able to wire a jam up sensor

2 Able to rebuild and hydro-pneumatic actuator for the guillotine

2 How to set the clutch brake on the thermoformer perforator

2 How to set light curtains

2 Drop in temperature controller parameters

2 Drop in vfd parameters

2 Set up optical switches

2 Position reed/limit/optical/ultra sound switches

2 Work safely in" hot" conditions

2 Understanding of oil thermal regulation unit

2 Coordinate and install electrical power feeds and cord drops

2 Run and maintain precision surface grinder

2 Assist engineering in trails and retrofits

2 Understanding of the dangers of arch flash

2 Motor wiring

  • Other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities: X none yes (list positions reporting to this person)


  • Moderate mechanical experience in industrial environment
  • Moderate electrical experience in industrial environment
  • Able to operate forklift
  • Able to operate scissor lift

Education and/or Experience

  • High school graduate / and 3 to 5 years’ experience

Language Skills

English, oral and written communication skills (required)

Mathematical Skills

  • Moderate mathematical skills with high school equivalence
  • Have understanding of decimals and fractions

Reasoning Ability

  • Strong reasoning skills
  • Have the ability to work through electrical and mechanical issues as they arise, able to complete repairs with little to no guidance

Computer Skills (please indicate if preferred or required)

  • Basic computer skills, required

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations (please indicate if preferred or required)

  • Valid Ohio driver’s license, Forklift certification and Scissor lift certification, required

Physical Demands The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Ability to lift up to 100 lbs.

Work Environment The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • The environment is consistent with a manufacturing and office atmosphere. Heating is provided in the winter and basic cooling in the summer. Work may be required to be performed outside of the building.
  • Work is performed by using both hands and arms while in a standing position, including frequent bending, reaching, twisting, pushing, pulling, squatting, or kneeling for an twelve hour shift.
  • Ability to work in hot/humid or cold environments.
  • Moderate noise level.
  • Occasionally works in high areas.

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