Machine Operator for DMD

Perdue Farms | Georgetown, DE

***Criminal Background Friendly Employer***

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Posted Date 3/13/2019

2 position for DMD Machine Operator - Day Shift
2 position for DMD Machine Operator - Night Shift

Internal Candidates Only

To make adjustments to Dapec lines inorder to meet Quality cut specifications and maintain an acceptable level of downtime. We will need a Dapec Operator for day shift and night shift.


#1 Set up and maintain adequate supply of trays, totes and bulk bins to the department
#2 Operate the Foodmate Deboning machines making adjustments to cuts as needed to ensure Perdue Packing, Grading and Yield standards are met.
#3 Transfer totes of work product weighing up to 60 lbs from packers station to the rework table approximately 12 ft.
#4 Assist lead person in daily department run. Fill in as needed on line.
#5 Minor adjustments to machine of blades, sensors,photo eyes
#6 Be aware of daily needs in advance to be prepared for product changes.
#7 Be able to grasp aspect of the machine change over and carry out with little or no direction.
Describe the decision-making authority of this position, the nature and extent of supervisor available and the point at which higher approval is required.

Required Skills

Must be able to read and write in English.Good knowledge of mechanical equipment and inventory parts. Basic computer and keyboard skills.

Required Qualifications

Qualifying Candidates must be in their current position for a minimum of 6 months, no more than 2 occrences, no active write ups


Able to work in temperatures ranging from 32-60 degrees fahrenheit with ambient humidity, noise exposure of 91.0db. Chlorine exposure of 20 ppm. Must wear personal protective equipment.
Ability to lift up to 70 lbs.

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