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How do
job ads

When you place job ads on our site you get more than just a passive post. We deliver high-volume, energized traffic through our job-seeker marketing campaigns.

How does a campaign work?
We tailor our efforts to your specific needs, but we find that a three-tiered approach works best.
STEP 1:  Email Campaign  - We send a series of targeted email messages alerting potential candidates about your jobs.    
STEP 2:  Text Campaign  - For jobs where an email just isn't enough, we'll send SMS texts to candidates, with a proactive call to action.    
STEP 3:  Direct Phone Calls  - For many job seekers, talking 1-on-1 with someone is the best appraoch. In those cases, we reach out to them directly to find the best candidates for you.    

How will I receive information about a candidate?

We can integrate with your current applicant tracking system, or access your XML feed to streamline the hiring process.

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Why It's Good For Business

Hiring the formerly incarcerated is actually good for business